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Keeping It Simple - Top 5 Holiday Essentials for Men

Unsure what to pack this summer? Ready to ditch the crazy patterns, combat shorts and dodgy vests? Here is my guide to the top 5 essential items to keep it simple and stylish for guys.

1. Swim shorts

Keep them short! Gone are the days of the knee length Bermuda shorts with questionable patterns. Avoid luminous colours and crazy floras. Stick to your classic navy, stripes, or check prints.

2. T-Shirts

A staple item of every man's wardrobe especially when it comes to summer. Once again, get rid of the garish slogans and patterns and concentrate on the stylish. A simple oversized white tee will do the trick. Not only will it complement that tan, but it will go with everything!

3. Chino Shorts

Although you may miss the useful pockets in your favourite combat shorts, chino shorts are 100% smarter and slimming! Pair with that useful white tee in the day time or keep it cool in the evenings with a smart long sleeved shirt. Go for navy, light blue, grey or stoney colours.

4. The Shirt

Once again, the aim of the game is simple but effective. Go for short or long sleeved plain shirts and make sure to avoid anything remotely Hawaiian themed! Look out for lightweight materials to keep you from overheating. White, light blue and light grey will pair nicely with navy chino shorts or trousers and achieve that classic feel.

5. The Rucksack

So we have lost the useful cargo pockets and now you need something to keep your valuables together. A rucksack is your answer. Not only has it been a big trend over the past few years, but it is practical. Use it as hand luggage and then pack your sun cream and towel in there each day to head down to the pool. Simple!

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