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Top 10 reasons to hire a Personal Stylist

Lots of people are unsure on what a Personal Stylist actually is and many believe they are for celebrities only. However, personal styling is no longer something that only wealthy people can afford. Hiring a Personal Stylist is no different form hiring a Personal Trainer, Hair Stylist, or Cleaner. These are all things that make us feel better about ourselves and help us in our busy day to day lives. Here are my top 10 reasons of how a Personal Stylist could help you.​​

1. Stylists are well-informed on brands and merchandise quality. Stylists are extremely well-versed in brands everywhere and know the kinds of fabrics, cuts, hems, seams, and quality that comes out of each store, and understand what each customer gets for his or her money. If you don’t like chiffon, or prefer slim-fit, or only want real leather, then a stylist will know exactly where to take you and can help you check off each item from your shopping list.​

2. Quicker shopping experience. Not only do stylists know what merchandise is where, but they also know where stores are located in multiple areas. This means that you can select items you are looking for much more quickly without feeling de-motivated by the thought of looking around each and every shop at your local shopping centre.

3. Understand your body. Before your shopping appointment, your Stylist will sit down with you and get to know you. You will have already filled out a brief on your lifestyle, shape, size, and wardrobe. Using this information your Stylist will teach you how to shop for your body shape on your budget. Learning how to dress for your shape is essential and something that will help you for years to come.

4. Make the most of what you already own. By booking a wardrobe edit, your stylist comes to your home and helps you organise your closet. They will help you to decide what fits, what needs to be tailored, what needs to be donated, and which items you still need in order to have a complete capsule wardrobe for any occasion. They will also help you create multiple, versatile looks with the clothes that you already own. You’ll go from having a few tops and skirts to having 10 new looks for the office in a matter of hours!

5. Get the most for your money. Because a Stylist understands the quality that certain brands offer, they will help you understand how to invest in your clothing. Things like winter coats, denim, leather, and a good-quality heel are pieces that are important to invest in. Other fashion items like circle-frame sunnies, purple lipstick, crop tops, and fringed bags can be found in fast fashion stores for great deals. Sometimes men and women get overwhelmed when figuring out how to distribute their money over the course of a shopping day, but a stylists will help you with a stress-free shopping experience and guide you in the right direction.

6. A strong, trustworthy relationship with your stylist. As a Stylist, my first priority is the client of the day. The shopping day is all about you. While the goal of the day is to find items on your shopping list, your confidence and self-image come first. Mutual trust and respect with your stylist can really make the appointment special, because this time is invested in creating a better you. A Stylist is more than just a shopping partner, they're your confidant and your supporter. My clients leave appointments feeling better than ever about themselves, which shows in how they present themselves. While there’s a style-over on the outside, there’s definitely a makeover on the inside, as well.

7. Each piece you buy will be versatile. Styling is the key word here. A top, a dress, and even a pair of trousers rarely are ready-to-wear right off the rail, without a bit of manipulation. A stylist understands which shapes look good on different bodies, and looks for multiple ways to accessorise, and sees pieces that will work in three, four, or more outfits before you’ve even paid for it. While some clients see only a plain blue blouse, a Stylist will see a blouse that can be belted, worn open, and a top that works for the office and for a night out. This will help you to get the most for your money, so versatility and functionality are key with your purchases.

8. Learn which colours are best for you. Wearing the correct colours can make you feel more energised and dramatically enhance your overall appearance. The colours you wear play against your skin, complexion, hair, and eyes. By dressing according to your unique colour palette, you can create a new look for yourself and enhance your already-beautiful features. A Stylist will help you to understand what colour palette you fall in to and how to use this information when you are shopping.

9. Confidence boost. With all of these benefits, you can only feel better about yourself. Your Stylist won’t only take you shopping, but will teach you as the appointment goes on so you can learn how to shop for yourself in the future. You will learn about colouring, styling, your own body shape, how to invest, and in turn, your morale will soar. This affects your home life, how you act in the work place, and even your personal relationships. Y

10. Long-term investment. The time and money you invest in a Stylist are really an investment in your day-to-day lifestyle. Learning how to dress for yourself will make you feel great, and save you time and money because you will now have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

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